Hey, I'm Cathy/Cat!
Here's my elevator pitch: I'm a designer based in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Literature, Media, and Communication from Georgia Institute of Technology, but that doesn't mean that I stared at Shakespeare all three years. My degree specialties were Media Studies and Interaction Design. 
Currently, I focus mostly on product design, UI/UX design, visual design, and social media marketing/managing. But don't let that fool you, I am a jack of all trades - with knowledge ranging in front-end coding languages like Java, HTML/CSS, and Javascript to spoken languages like Mandarin Chinese and German as well. (Oh, and I can also wiggle my ears!)
When I'm not designing or cracking bad jokes, I enjoy venturing out for nice latte art, watching Twitch streams, browsing Medium articles, gaming (current favorite is Animal Crossing 🏝), and sleeping... a lot of sleeping to rejuvenate the mind 😴
If I didn't sweet talk you enough, you can also download my resume here!