When I worked as a designer in the co•lab, I received a project that was to create a conference program - a challenge that I had never worked on before. I wanted to really challenge myself, so I took on the role as the head designer. For this program, I worked in Adobe InDesign and had to take all of the information the client provided and transform it into a beautiful booklet for attendees. 
The program itself is 62 pages long with 5.5"x8.5" pages to keep it convenient to hold. The biggest challenge in this design was tackling the mass amount of text that the client wanted included in the program. After many tries and pages that didn't make the cut, the booklet was chopped from 96 pages down to 64 (including cover + back) for optimal printing costs. 
Things that I feel like I could have done better is definitely taking the effort to make it a point to start the project off with the client providing edits through the cloud. Reason why is because the way that information was originally given to the designers was through word docs via email. Every time that they had a minor text change, the entire word doc was uploaded through email again, and I had to make sure to find the one change they needed. If it was all done through like Google Docs in the beginning, grabbing the text changes would not be difficult, and I think that missing link at the beginning is what would make this project much smoother if I had to work on it again.
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